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Quentin Hartman qhartman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 18:19:40 MDT 2013

I've worked with go daddy for several clients, and I agree, they are
generally pretty good.

However, if you ever have a problem of any kind, good luck getting any
support if you're spending less than
$1k a month with them. Until you get above that level, toy just don't
matter enough for them to bother. ( in my experience anyway)

I've never had experienced like that with dream host.

Also, gd is not a company I would recommend supporting for a host of non
technical reasons.

On Sep 3, 2013 6:03 PM, <gary at romerohub.com> wrote:

> Karl,
> I'm sure I'll get flamed here but I've used (The Evil) GoDaddy for just
> what you're describing here fairly successfully for some customers. The
> pricing is pretty cheap if all your hosting is a WP blog.
> 1) i don't want to install from scratch (no vms).
> -GoDaddy has a really simple WP setup and includes a "quick" setup plugin
> though I always find it easier to just
> 2) we don't need any crazy bandwidth.
> -The Economy Package is pretty cheap and includes unlimited bandwidth so
> thats not really a concern.
> 3) trying to find something simple and cheap(est possible).
> -Their web management includes email updates whenever patches for WP are
> available.
> 4) i believe wordpress org or com itself might handle hosting of the type
> i'm talking about and it might even be free.
> -The real issue with wordpress.com hosting is the limitations on plugins.
> If you want any, you really need to host your WP somewhere else. Also, when
> you host your own, the modification of themes seems to be a lot easier
> (though not impossible at wp.com)
> If you do look at GoDaddy be aware of one thing: Their economy hosting is
> cheaper than their packaged WordPress hosting and you basically get the
> same thing. Using the Economy would also allow the addition of forums or
> anything else you may need on a more basic website.
> Thanks,
> Gary R.
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