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Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Wed Sep 4 11:46:39 MDT 2013

On Wed, 2013-09-04 at 09:16 -0400, Jeff Sowders wrote:
> I have always used Axis camera's.  they are very easy to setup and you
> have a version of linux on them so they are smart.   I have set them
> up to alert me via email and upload a picture to an ftp site if motion
> was detected.
> Depending on the versions you buy you will have different options.
> http://www.axis.com/

Thanks Jeff. I'll take a look at these.  

It's a little weird in the timing, but I've been working on a webcam
component of my PiBox project for a while now.  What I discovered was
that streaming data over RTSP/RTMP requires some open ports on your
router.  I set up a web server on my Pi, started ffmpeg to read from the
camera and feed it into crtmpserver to get it into FLV.  I thought I'd
be able to get to it through a proxy setup through an ssh tunnel.  No

So now the trick will be to find out how to stream from ffmpeg into
<TBD> to get HTML5 so I won't need the extra open ports and can access
the web stream through the tunnel/proxy.  There may be some delay, but I
can get it down to under 5 seconds.  At home I got the stream down
(until JWPlayer got bogged down) to under 1 second.

> Sounds like you might not deter the thieves since they didn't care
> about the dogs but this will allow you to capture their image.

With current technology it isn't exceptionally hard to:
1. catch motion detection - start recording
2. send notifications (twitter, email, SMS, etc)
3. Let the crooks carry on while I notify the police.  The police
actually suggested this as a better method than using services like ADT.

One problem is finding a hardware solution for video recording that is
wireless so you can place it in places difficult to physically disable.
Once you find that, you need to be able to tie it into the motion
detection and have the motion detection cause events to send
notifications.  A controllable mount on the cameras tied to the motion
detection would also be cool, but that's a bit out there in price

My ideal solution would be a bunch of xbee-connected sensors meshed to a
Raspberry Pi that managed event notices and IP camera recording.
Something I'll consider for PiBox in the future.

All doable stuff if you find the right components.  Eventually I'll
apply what I learn to PiBox.  For now, I need something a bit more

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