[lug] OT: Rackspace event.

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Fri Sep 6 12:46:59 MDT 2013

This out to generate a few emails. :)

Not sure he understands the value of SaaS wrt FOSS and open APIs.
Most people appreciate letting other people run their software for
them.  This means developers can open source their software while
making money.  Wordpress is a great example of FOSS which is funded by

FSF uses hosted services for donations: PayPal, Visa Platinum Rewards
Card, United Way, Fiserv, eBay, and Flattr.  I'm fairly sure the FSF
uses a bank, and that bank probably holds lots of data, which is
available as a hosted solution and not FOSS.  The FSF is not only
giving up its privacy but also of its donors.


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