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gary at romerohub.com gary at romerohub.com
Fri Sep 6 13:39:07 MDT 2013

I think there is a balance to everything. In this day and age, it's really difficult to keep up with technology without accepting the 'Cloud' as a part of it. Email, Wikipedia, Social Media, and News all require some form of syncing up with or through the internet. Even if you go to the extreme that RMS proposed in the article linked, you still have to traverse a very open internet to access your self hosted email and or file sharing. 

RMS does bring up a good point that I think gets ignored far too often. What is 'Cloud Computing'? Is it meant to be everything I do while interacting with Technology anything I depend on an internet connection for or just a few Applications and Services that I find convenient? If it's meant to be everything, each of us needs to sit down and figure out what Cloud information and services we're willing to use while accepting the risk of it being insecure. I'm a regular gmail user and I accept the risk that is included with that service. I do not however accept the risk included in using Google Drive since my files tend to contain a very different form of content.

I think there are going to be extremes (from Stallman to the NSA) popping up in every direction for a couple of years to come. It will not be until the tech industry cycles through the current Singularity that some semblance of balance can be found. I myself, am leaning more towards the RMS point of view for now but I'm not quite ready to give up all of my 'cloud services'. I will, however, continue to defend my right to privacy.

-Gary Romero

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