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I am not sure about balance in this case. What is on the sides of this
balance? Is it the competing needs to have, on one hand, free, personal,
non-corporate, control over our own information and systems but on the
other hand, maintenance-free, reliable access to everything from anywhere?
I may have to find a 'balance' but I want it all. About ten years ago I was
getting involved with the GGF (Global Grid Forum) which was drawing
inspiration from the idea of having it all. Unfortunately, the ideas from
the GGF were commercialized and re-labeled "the cloud". It is hard to make
money without keeping control.

Again, you mention 'extremes' of Stallman and the NSA. But why can't we
have security AND privacy? There are crimes occurring on the 'net such that
I would instantly give up my privacy if I thought doing so would help some
of the people affected. But I am also writing GPL'd software.

On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 1:39 PM, <gary at romerohub.com> wrote:

> I think there is a balance to everything. In this day and age, it's really
> difficult to keep up with technology without accepting the 'Cloud' as a
> part of it. Email, Wikipedia, Social Media, and News all require some form
> of syncing up with or through the internet. Even if you go to the extreme
> that RMS proposed in the article linked, you still have to traverse a very
> open internet to access your self hosted email and or file sharing.
> RMS does bring up a good point that I think gets ignored far too often.
> What is 'Cloud Computing'? Is it meant to be everything I do while
> interacting with Technology anything I depend on an internet connection for
> or just a few Applications and Services that I find convenient? If it's
> meant to be everything, each of us needs to sit down and figure out what
> Cloud information and services we're willing to use while accepting the
> risk of it being insecure. I'm a regular gmail user and I accept the risk
> that is included with that service. I do not however accept the risk
> included in using Google Drive since my files tend to contain a very
> different form of content.
> I think there are going to be extremes (from Stallman to the NSA) popping
> up in every direction for a couple of years to come. It will not be until
> the tech industry cycles through the current Singularity that some
> semblance of balance can be found. I myself, am leaning more towards the
> RMS point of view for now but I'm not quite ready to give up all of my
> 'cloud services'. I will, however, continue to defend my right to privacy.
> -Gary Romero
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