[lug] linux laptop search

Simos blug at chinesetearoom.com
Wed Sep 18 11:52:46 MDT 2013

> FYI - they didn't take my Acer C7 Chromebook, but I wish they had.  It's
> junk.  And you can't easily disable the Secure Boot crap so you have to
> hack an install over ChromeOS.  The only hack I've found so far is
> ChrUbuntu, which forces me to use Ubuntu.  I hate it.  Networking is
> pretty bad on that thing.


I also have an Acer C7 on which I've installed Ubuntu - I also can't stand
Ubuntu (I have been on pure Debian since the mid-nineties), but the wife
and kids who use this laptop the most are familiar with it. After a 4GB RAM
upgrade it's become a pretty portable & usable little laptop (for its $200

FWIW, the latest ChrUbuntu script now allows you to Lubuntu, Xubuntu,
and other variants so if your main gripe is with Unity (which I certainly
understand) then you now have more options:


Although it's more complicated, there are certainly ways to install other
Linux distributions (such as Debian) on the Acer C7:


You'll probably have to dig in there a bit.

Also: no Thinkpad recommendations?



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