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I guess my issue is that I'm more interested in access to tabs I've just created than to a bookmark tool bar...I want what I'm actually working with to be closest because I'm switching back and forth with what I have. The bookmarks tool bar may be for very common and often-used bookmarks, but what I'm looking at right now in my current session seems to be a single experience...that bookmark bar is a separate experience. Priority current session, followed by a bookmark to replace part of a session. Too bad users can't just drag-n-drop tabs and other tool bars where they want them (with a "lock" function to prevent accidental change).

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For the record, they switched the tab bar ABOVE the address bar since each tab is (usually) for a different address and therefore the address bar is a "piece" of the tab and makes more UI sense to have it below (otherwise it is surprising to see the address change when you switch tab)

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> > toolbar. Does anyone remember the trick to either moving the bookmarks
> > tool bar up above the tabs or to move the tabs below the bookmark tool
> > bar?

> Go to about:config, and look for the browser.tabs.onTop setting. I think

> you want false.

Yes! It's the simple things that keep my brain from itching...I think I would have looked for months before finding this one. Thanks!

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