[lug] is there a way to get partition table on running system?

Aaron D. Johnson adj at fnord.greeley.co.us
Fri Nov 8 10:08:32 MST 2013

Bear Giles writes:
> Thanks.  Hopefully I was able to recreate the partition table
> correctly.  The #sectors looks right but I don't know if they've
> been offset.

As you've already discovered, /proc/partitions only lists your
partitions' sizes, not their starting offsets.  I don't find anything
useful in my kernel's printk output about partition sizes or offsets,
either.  (It might be nice to have for just this sort of situation.)

gpart is a tool to help with exactly this problem.

In future, you might consider running with GPT partitioned disks.
You'll get an extra copy of the partition table at the end of the disk
with that.  A weekly cron job sending the output from "fdisk -lu;
parted -l; mdadm --detail /dev/md*; lvdisplay -a -m" to a gmail
account (or similar) has proved useful in the past, too.

I hope your /boot recreation is going well.

- Aaron

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