[lug] Fedora 19 Network Config Q

stimits at comcast.net stimits at comcast.net
Thu Nov 21 16:46:07 MST 2013

I've had a series of perfect storm failures, where install new network cards and trying to reconfigure during an unannounced comcast firmware update brought down networking. They did a number of things to the cable modem, and at this point my f19 install has decided to put my em1 interface permanently into a static IP address on a non-routable network which I never asked for...somehow it seems to have messed up this while reconfiguring a p2p card, and settings using system-config-network fail to hold. Use of service network restart or systemctl network.service restart both fail.

What files can I directly edit and get rid of these stupid network tools? With the systemd changes, I'm not sure how the configuration changed from the old rc.d scripts, but I am unable to cause any chance whatsoever to em1. What is the vi way of setting dhcp on em1? Is there a different "tool" I should be using? If I want to restart networking after a change, or after comcast fails to see if dhcp is back up, what is the new way of doing this (since systemctl and service both seem to not work)?

Or...is there a way I can completely wipe out all network settings, and tell the system to configure them as if they are new...as if I were just now installing?
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