[lug] Can't Run systemd init --test as Root?

stimits at comcast.net stimits at comcast.net
Tue Dec 24 16:30:39 MST 2013

I'm still trying to figure out an embedded system's init just to automate adding ifconfig. It's an nvidia L4T which in turn is angstrom, which in turn means it uses busybox and connman for much, but init itself is a systemd init. There is an argument to init "--test" which looks like it could enlighten the boot structure, but when I use the kernel command line to set init="/sbin/init --test", it won't boot and says don't use --test as root. How does one get systemd init --test without being root? Is the u-boot prompt the wrong place for this? It seems impossible that anyone but root could do this!

So...if root is not allowed to run systemd --test, and if the kernel command line is not the right place to add --test to the init, how does one force systemd to give out its secrets? I did try to use the only other possible user account, and it denies this too. Is this something I need to hard wire systemd for? Do I need to alter the source and rebuild in order to find out what it is doing?
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