[lug] NYs Rez ... get projects moving

Dru Whitledge druw at oneimage.com
Thu Jan 2 13:32:46 MST 2014

My New Year's resolution is to get my damn computer projects moving.
So, I'm looking for a consultant / advisor / (coach? in Boulder only, 
I guess) in the local area at REGULAR market rates for Windows / 
Linux / networking / VM / VPN projects.  Lafayette, Louisville, Erie 
area would be nice.  Recommendations would be really welcome.

Projects presently on the agenda for which I need help --
-- Network 2/3 desktops to each other via Cat5 and to 2 laptops via 
Wifi (and Cat5).
(old ancient Win2k system to New ugly Win 7 systems to nice 
predictable XP systems)
(Mostly user/password problems preventing networking now)
-- Install VMs for Linux / XP in new Win 7 systems
-- Connect VMs to native OS's to share data (network?)
-- Discuss networking / connecting Android devices to better share data
-- Discuss / design VPNs in newer OSs
-- WiFi (Cat5) Video / audio streaming

303 666-7665

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