[lug] KDE won't render correctly, but GNOME does!?

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 16:23:18 MST 2014

My colleague has a system that she runs Fedora 20 on.  She's been running
GNOME, but recently decided to try KDE.  So she installed KDE from the yum
repo and tried to log in.

Everything went fine until her desktop displays finalizes.  The little
icons appear alon the bottom of the screen as KDE initializes, then things
go wonky.  Right when her desktop should finally appear things go bad.  The
panel at the bottom just shows a little bit on the left, and nothing else.
The desktop folder is completely invisible.  If you click where you know
the footprint (KDE menu) menu should be, it partly displays.  As you mouse
over where it should be, some more of it displays.  Some of it will hide,

The same thing happens if you open a program like konsole or
system-settings.  It partly displays.  System-setting mostly displays if
you mouse over it, though the window decorations (minimize, maximize,
close, titlebar, etc) never seem to show up.  Konsole never shows much at

I tried changing resolutions.  The resolution would change, but the
behavior stayed the same.

I've never seen this sort of behavior.  It is like the background keeps
overwriting the windows, but at random.

Anyone know what's going on?  She has a NVIDIA Corporation NV44 [Quadro NVS
285] video card and is displaying on a viewsonic vg2230wm-3 monitor.

Everything works well in GNOME which I find particularly disturbing.  Boths
should just be clients of the X server, so how can KDA mess it up so much?

Any ideas?

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