[lug] KDE won't render correctly, but GNOME does!?

Orion Poplawski orion at cora.nwra.com
Wed Jan 15 16:32:41 MST 2014

On 01/15/2014 04:23 PM, Michael Hirsch wrote:
> My colleague has a system that she runs Fedora 20 on.  She's been running
> GNOME, but recently decided to try KDE.  So she installed KDE from the yum
> repo and tried to log in.
> Everything went fine until her desktop displays finalizes.  The little icons
> appear alon the bottom of the screen as KDE initializes, then things go
> wonky.  Right when her desktop should finally appear things go bad.  The panel
> at the bottom just shows a little bit on the left, and nothing else.  The
> desktop folder is completely invisible.  If you click where you know the
> footprint (KDE menu) menu should be, it partly displays.  As you mouse over
> where it should be, some more of it displays.  Some of it will hide, too.
> The same thing happens if you open a program like konsole or system-settings. 
> It partly displays.  System-setting mostly displays if you mouse over it,
> though the window decorations (minimize, maximize, close, titlebar, etc) never
> seem to show up.  Konsole never shows much at all.
> I tried changing resolutions.  The resolution would change, but the behavior
> stayed the same.
> I've never seen this sort of behavior.  It is like the background keeps
> overwriting the windows, but at random.
> Anyone know what's going on?  She has a NVIDIA Corporation NV44 [Quadro NVS
> 285] video card and is displaying on a viewsonic vg2230wm-3 monitor. 
> Everything works well in GNOME which I find particularly disturbing.  Boths
> should just be clients of the X server, so how can KDA mess it up so much?
> Any ideas?

OpenGL rendering issues?  Alt+Shift+F12 will toggle desktop effects.

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