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Gordon Golding gordongoldin at aim.com
Fri Feb 7 12:38:22 MST 2014

 I built an application that ran MySQL queries.
If there were any results, the larger than 0 file would trigger a process.
The trigger file was filtered, adding things like "Warning: " to make a subject line.
The more detailed version of the query would produce a page of Summary, as a Body.
Then more detailed versions would produce:
a larger summary as csv.
full detail (with a size cut-off) as csv

Then mutt would email the email list for that process with subject body and 2 attached files.
Those designated as text would get the Subject as the first line.

The receiver then saves the files in their operational directory and they are picked up and run through macros so the user is presented with pretty (printable) Summary and Detail reports and then can use his spreadsheet for analysis of the raw data. 


Gordon Golding

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