[lug] Remember Y2K?

Jeffrey S. Haemer jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 16:06:08 MST 2014


I just fixed a W08 problem. This morning, a shell script I'd written
started to fail. The problem was a line adding the week-of-year to
something else.

x=$(( $(date +%W) + something_else ))

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Answer: $(date +%W) returns (starting this week) 08 .  Bash says "The
leading zero says you mean 'octal.'  Shame on you. Eight is *not* an octal

That sound you heard around 3:15 this afternoon was me, smacking my

My solution was to change it to 10#$(date +%W)

Is there a better solution?

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