[lug] Windows XP End-of-Life: April 8, 2014

Dru Whitledge druw at oneimage.com
Wed Apr 9 10:52:07 MDT 2014

What's XP got to do with Linux? Potentially, a lot -- but that 
potential is still wasted .... IMHO.
Most of the people moaning about the passing of XP (me prominently 
among them) just simply want productivity from their PCs (or 
"utility" to be more precise). I hate Win 7 for many of the same 
reasons mentioned here (likely from long experienced users) -- big 
learning curve, big waste of time, big frustration -- for NO big 
benefit (no benefit I can identify). Win 7 also wiped out some 
favorite fully functional programs I've been using for years -- but 
then -- MS offered me a VMbox with XP in it to attempt to keep that 
productivity (and now that's offing is officially extincted). And 
that leads to the link between XP (MS) and Linux.

I've long suggested -- long suggested -- that ALL Linux distros offer 
a standard VM box with automated assistance to install and configure 
-- allowing mere mortal users -- non pro users, regular everyday 
people users -- the ability to immediately toggle back and forth 
between Linux (with free or super cheap productivity programs) and MS 
(XP or whatever) with the most commonly used, massively consumed, 
commercial MS programs (and Apple).  That ability to NOT have to 
choose an OS -- but instead have both OSs available (simultaneously) 
would allow regular everyday non-techie users to incrementally 
migrate their productivity (utility) to Linux. The HUMONGOUS global 
increase in the number of users (200 million Chinese XP users) would 
spur massive development of programs on Linux -- AND make MS mucho 
more friendly and receptive to negotiating extincting their old OSs 
-- which are apparently still viable revenue producers in China, 
Britain, Netherlands  -- and in the US -- except that we buckle under 
to MSs pressure to upgrade -- MSs preferred optimized revenue model 
-- to give us more crap.


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