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Bethany Hobson blhobson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 11:11:35 MDT 2014

I followed this thread with great interest.  I'm an amateur genealogist with photo, video, audio, document files in various formats in various places - websites, online storage, personal computers, etc.  I would like to engage with my teenagers (still computer-ish, but not always gaming) in a project this Summer to pull all these data together and organize it.  Right now, it's pretty much useless to anyone, but me - not good.  

ownCloud looks intriguing and maybe most accessible for my (our) skill level(s).  The idea of being "in control" of my data locally until I figure out what to put out there sounds nice.  Being able to tie in and organize our family music scene would be sweet, too.  Teens may appreciate this project more.

Please chime in!  Ideas and suggestions are much appreciated.  Quentin Hartmen, if you have the time and inclination to elaborate on your private ownCloud installation, I thank you.

Bethany Hobson

On Mar 30, 2014, at 9:22 PM, Davide Del Vento <davide.del.vento at gmail.com> wrote:

>>> Shortlist of stuff which I will look/consider more:
>>> - Unison
>>> - boar
>>> - OpenKM
>>> - subversion
>>> - git annex
>> Definitely look at git annex.  Your use case is a lot like one Joey
>> considered when he started writing it.  There's also a web front end (git
>> annex assistant?) to make it easy for "regular" people to use it.
> Yes, I'm definitely looking at it. I'm finding it much more complex
> than I thought at first (e.g. have to unlock files before changing,
> having to manually add them to git-annex but not git itself when
> modified before committing) on top of the already complicated git
> workflow (it's no mystery that I like hg better -- by the way I
> checked mercurial-largefiles and that is not what I want). But I am
> not ruling it out, at least not yet.
> There is a fundamental thing that I'd like to do with git-annex and I
> can't figure out how: while having only some repos available (possibly
> only one) deciding that some files aren't worth keeping anywhere and
> asking for them to be deleted from all the repos the next time I sync.
> With rsync, I just write a "note to self" in the repo I'm editing,
> which says something like "use --delete the next time you rsync". This
> is unnerving, though, because when I do this I have to be careful that
> I'm not deleting some other file just for space purposes, which is
> something I also like to do (and which git-annex does with the --drop
> option). Basically I'm looking for a suboption of --drop that would
> say --on-all-remotes and can't find it. You may say "but this is not
> how version control is supposed to work, you don't want to completely
> delete something everywhere", and you'd be right. But this is not
> "normal version control", these are pictures which I initially dumped
> from the camera, synched among repos, and then realizing they were
> crap and are not worth keeping. That's my workflow, I seldom have time
> to look at the pictures before synching and therefore I would like an
> easy (but clear and unmistakable) way to delete them from everywhere
> (even when "everywhere" isn't available -- of course the actual
> deletion will happen at the next synch, not "immediately", but I can
> consider them gone "mentally").
> Not sure if I was clear enough... I'm already sleeping :-)
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Dav
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