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David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Thu May 1 15:46:09 MDT 2014

You almost certainly want Diaspora or MediaGoblin, but I can't figure out whether you want to connect to the wider world, so I don't know which of the two. Both are truly free software, not "free" as in you-or-your-marketing-data-is-the-actual-thing-sold.

If neither of those fits, have a look at OwnCloud.

It seems to me that, the better we master cash-gratitude, the better this "free" software thing will work.

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This is a good time for a r3VOLution.

----- Original Message -----
> Just looking for some suggestions...
> I was asked by some friends from college about a setting up
> restricted
> photo sharing and social networking site.
> We want to be able for anyone from the group to upload and archive
> into
> "galleries" photos of ours, be able to annotate, tag and search by
> date,
> location, people tagged, etc. as well as have "conversations" about
> them.
> We would like it to be secure for the invited registered members and
> perhaps being able to selectively choose to make some things very
> private (to a limited subset) or more open.
> I have been looking for the components to host this myself.
> Certainly there are some choices for "forums", blogging, etc. What is
> best?
> What about the photo sharing part? How to integrate the discussions
> and
> images...?
> I can certainly just get a subscription to Smugmug or another photo
> sharing site though I have no personal experience setting that up for
> a
> small group.
> (If you have opinions/comments/recommendations on a particularly good
> site I would welcome that, too)
> But if I were to roll my own...
> Has anyone done anything like this? Suggestions/recommendations?
> The goal is really more about maintaining control and not being
> locked
> in to a proprietary service/product rather than being free... my time
> is
> actually a limiting factor here and worth something if only to me.
> It would be nice to try this out on my own server but be able to
> migrate
> to a hosted service as needed (some aspect of scaling it up). So some
> preference for things that are or could be made to run in a cloud or
> hosted service.
> --bill
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