[lug] Locking the volume control at %100

Bruce Long qstream at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 15:51:40 MDT 2014

One of the people who call me for tech help accidentally mutes the volume
sometimes. With all the volume controls in different apps / web pages and
on the panel it is hard for this (elderly) person to fix the problem
himself. Once a month or so I get called because the sound is broken and
it's usually that the volume is muted or that the speakers are plugged into
the microphone jack. Is there a way to lock all volume controls to %100?
Then he can use the physical knob on the external speakers. Simply removing
the volume control applet isn't enough by itself because other apps will
change the volume and random key presses would cause it to be be muted via
function key.

He is using Mint LMDE (because it automatically upgrades itself.)

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