[lug] WARNING! - Ubuntu Kernel 2.6.32-61-generic Update Breaks Video

Lori R lightningrose at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 14:49:06 MDT 2014

On 06/07/2014 01:40 PM, Davide Del Vento wrote:

> If these updates are like the ones when I used it, they included the
> "previous kernel" option in the bootloader. Just make sure you have the
> bootloader option to "ask" enabled, and you should see the whole,
> endless list of all kernels ever installed on that machine.
> Hope this helps, but I agree with Lee, it sounds unlikely to be the

It's definitely the kernel.

Holding down the [Shift] key while booting will bring up the Grub Menu
(until today I did not know that, nor had I needed to).

I Chose the previous version (2.6.32-60) and all observed problems* went
away on all 4 machines.

Rather than try to completely un-install the latest updates, I'm just going
to point the Grub config at the older kernel. And maybe I'll config Grub to
always show menu like it used to.

> PS: But isn't 10.04 out of support, therefore without updates? IIRC, the
> stopping of that support is what prompted me to abandon Ubuntu (since I
> did not like 12.04 GUI)

It wasn't quite unannounced, but Ubuntu is still supporting 10.04, hence my
current issues. I believe Canonical has decided to extend support to 5
years, as with current LTS versions.

In part we're stuck with 10.04 on our 4.5 year old Acer netbooks with
Poulsbo video chips. Support for this (admittedly obscure) chip seems to
have gone away.

Unless someone is forcing large sums of money into my wallet, I'll have
nothing to do with the Gnome shell or Unity. When I do upgrade, it will be
Kubuntu, which I used used before the KDE 4.0 fiasco.

*) These are the observed problems. I did not test all programs on all

VLC freezing on some videos. Some machines would play MP4's that others
wouldn't. MP2 AVI files seemed to be okay. On all machines VLC would freeze
when trying to play DVD .iso files, both commercial DVD's and DVD's that I
have authored.

On the Poulsbo netbook, Google would freeze Firefox so badly that the only
fix was a restart. Also, Open Office word processor would freeze when
trying to save a document to flash drive (did not test saving to hard drive)

On the 12 year old Sony Vaio laptop, now used strictly as an audio jukebox,
Totem (aka Ubuntu Movie Player) would freeze when trying to play audio
(video not tested)

Lori Reed

>     On 06/07/2014 11:33 AM, Lori R wrote:
>      > The latest Ubuntu (in the last 24 hours) 2.6.32-61-generic update
>     for LTS
>      > 10.04 (don't ask) seems to have broken video play, at least for
>     VLC, and I
>      > don't care about any other vid players.
>      >
>     .....
>      > I have never reverted to a previous kernel so if any one can
>     point me at an
>      > easy to follow tutorial, I'd appreciate it. (Yes, I will Google,
>     but any
>      > assistance would be appreciated)
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