[lug] SFS: LPIC-2 vs RHCE Cert Study Group

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Tue Sep 23 18:57:55 MDT 2014

If you are interested, let me know. If you'd have a preference about which exam(s) to prep for, let me know that, too. 

I'm getting ready to lead a weekly certification study group as an SFS project. It'll have an asking price in USD and a PWYC option. I'm undecided about whether to do LPIC-2 or RHCT/RHCE. I'll do it in a centrally located room for Denver/Boulder, and put the instructor's screen on Big Blue Button. We'll probably start early in November. 

Direct email to me, please; don't flood the lists. If someone asks a question that I think others would be interested in, I'll send it and the answer in a follow-up message. 

David L. Willson 
Teacher, Engineer, Evangelist 
RHCE+Satellite CCAH Network+ A+ Linux+ LPIC-1 UbuntuCP NovellCLA 
Mobile 720-333-LANS(5267) 

This is a good time for a r3VOLution. 

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