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David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
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If you have a hero in the free software community, consider making a nomination. 

I nominated Dan Lynch and Ken Fallon. Someone ought to get the Wordpress guy and Mitchell Hashimoto. 

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This is a good time for a r3VOLution. 

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> Free Software Foundation
> Dear David and Heather,
> Sharing is one of free software's key principles. People who
> contribute to the advancement of free software, and to society, are
> committed to sharing their ideas in order to create something we can
> all benefit from. Often, they don't ask for anything in return.
> That's why each year, the Free Software Foundation recognizes one
> deserving individual and one project with the Free Software Awards.
> Who do you think should receive the 17th annual awards? Nominate an
> individual or a project you'd like us to recognize--nominations will
> be accepted through Sunday, November 16th, 2014 at 23:59 UTC.
> To nominate an individual for the Award for the Advancement of Free
> Software or a project for the Award for Projects of Social Benefit,
> send your nomination along with a description of the project or
> individual to award-nominations at gnu.org .
> What are you waiting for? Take a few minutes to give a little
> something to people and projects that have inspired you. Your
> nominations will be reviewed by our awards committee and the winners
> will be announced at LibrePlanet 2015 . Award for the Advancement of
> Free Software

> The Free Software Foundation Award for the Advancement of Free
> Software is presented to an individual who has made a great
> contribution to the progress and development of free software,
> through activities that accord with the spirit of free software.
> Individuals who describe their projects as "open" instead of "free"
> are eligible nonetheless, provided the software is in fact
> free/libre . Award for Projects of Social Benefit

> The Award for Projects of Social Benefit is presented to the project
> or team responsible for applying free software, or the ideas of the
> free software movement, in a project that intentionally and
> significantly benefits society in other aspects of life.
> We look to recognize projects or teams that encourage people to
> cooperate in freedom to accomplish social tasks. A long-term
> commitment to one's project (or the potential for a long-term
> commitment) is crucial to this end.
> This award stresses the use of free software in the service of
> humanity. We have deliberately chosen this broad criterion so that
> many different areas of activity can be considered. However, one
> area that is not included is that of free software itself. Projects
> with a primary goal of promoting or advancing free software are not
> eligible for this award (we honor individuals working on those
> projects with our annual Award for the Advancement of Free
> Software).
> We will consider any project or team that uses free software or its
> philosophy to address a goal important to society. To qualify, a
> project must use free software, produce free documentation, or use
> the idea of free software as defined in the Free Software Definition
> . Projects that promote or depend on the use of non-free software
> are not eligible for this award. Commercial projects are not
> excluded, but commercial success is not our scale for judging
> projects. Eligibility

> In the case of both awards, previous winners are not eligible for
> nomination, but renomination of other previous nominees is
> encouraged. Only individuals are eligible for nomination for the
> Advancement of Free Software Award (not projects), and only projects
> can be nominated for the Social Benefit Award (not individuals). For
> a list of previous winners, please visit https://www.fsf.org/awards
> .
> Current FSF staff and board members , as well as award committee
> members, are not eligible.
> The tentative award committee members are: Marina Zhurakhinskaya,
> Matthew Garrett, Rob Savoye, Wietse Venema, Richard Stallman, Suresh
> Ramasubramanian, Vernor Vinge, Hong Feng, Fernanda G. Weiden, Harald
> Welte, Vernor Vinge, Jonas Oberg, and Yukihiro Matsumoto.
> Instructions

> After reviewing the eligibility rules above, please send your
> nominations to award-nominations at gnu.org , on or before Sunday,
> November 16th, 2014 at 23:59 UTC. Please submit nominations in the
> following format:

> *
> In the email message subject line, either put the name of the person
> you are nominating for the Award for Advancement of Free Software,
> or put the name of the project for the Award for Projects of Social
> Benefit.
> *
> Please include, in the body of your message, an explanation (forty
> lines or less) of the work done and why you think it is especially
> important to the advancement of software freedom or how it benefits
> society, respectively.
> *
> Please state, in the body of your message, where to find the
> materials (e.g., software, manuals, or writing) which your
> nomination is based on.
> Attend the Free Software Awards at LibrePlanet 2015

> Want to be in the room when the winners are announced? Register today
> for the LibrePlanet conference , March 21-22 2015, in Cambridge, MA.
> In addition to rubbing elbows with the award winners, you'll have a
> blast at the rest of the conference, with a program chock full of
> sessions free software enthusiasts will love. Remember: Free
> Software Foundation members attend LibrePlanet gratis!
> Sincerely,
> Libby Reinish
> Campaigns Manager
> You can read this post online at
> https://fsf.org/blogs/community/nominate-your-heroes-for-the-free-software-awards
> .
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