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Mon Dec 15 17:35:57 MST 2014

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 4:02 PM, Quentin Hartman <qhartman at gmail.com> wrote:

> For what it's worth the trackpad on mine works well in both Linux and
> Windows out of the box, and the battery life (even suspended) is good in
> Windows, but not in Linux. Likely there is a software solution to that to
> be found if I cared enough to take the time to find it. Since I'm running
> an SSD and booting is only seconds slower than resuming, I just shutdown
> when I'm done.

Yeah - I've suspected that there's got to be an available software tweak
that would improve this state of affairs, but I've been too preoccupied
with other systems to dig into it much.  It was a substantial investment
that I haven't gotten much value out of, so at some point I'll probably
spend the time.  I keep vaguely hoping that someone on the internet will
beat me to it and post a concise HOWTO...
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