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Does anyone have any ideas? Some of my systems have software RAID 1 but
I've never used RAID 5 or not heard of it failing to rebuild after the
failure of a single drive.

The reinstall scares me a little but maybe it doesn't matter with /home on
a separate partition. I've done it many times on a conventional drive but
don't know what would happen on a degraded RAID 5 system.



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Here's the situation - if you could even help point him in the right
direction, that might be helpful.  But I don't want to intrude on your
expertise without recompense so do advise before investing time.

You can email me at
erkroeker at gmail.com

isw raid 5 array not available after rebuild
I had been using a raid 5 array (three disks), mounted at /home/ and
suffered a single drive failure, resulting in a degraded array. I've
replaced the drive and selected the option in my BIOS to use the new drive
as part of the RAID array. BIOS informed me that the array would be rebuilt
in the OS.

Unfortunately, I was not able to log into my user account when the computer
had booted into ubuntu, and reinstalled ubuntu in order to be able to use
the gparted GUI and web browser. (I've realized since reinstall that this
may have been fixable by using a different boot option.)

I didn't know that the ISW raid controller was a 'fake raid' setup when I
initially installed, and I am very novice at disk management, but have
learned that this may be a complicating issue as compared with having
ubuntu manage the RAID array. At any rate... the main problem is that my
raid array seems healthy, but the files aren't present when I mount it to
/home/ (only 'lost+found' shows up).

I'm not sure what outputs to provide to help illuminate the issue either...
dmraid? mdadm? fdisk? gdisk? I'm lost.
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