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On 1/18/2015 10:17 AM, Bear Giles wrote:
> Does anyone have any ideas? Some of my systems have software RAID 1 
> but I've never used RAID 5 or not heard of it failing to rebuild after 
> the failure of a single drive.
> From: <team at drivewesaid.com <mailto:team at drivewesaid.com>>
> isw raid 5 array not available after rebuild
> I had been using a raid 5 array (three disks), mounted at /home/ and 
> suffered a single drive failure, resulting in a degraded array. I've 
> replaced the drive and selected the option in my BIOS to use the new 
> drive as part of the RAID array. BIOS informed me that the array would 
> be rebuilt in the OS.

He did a reinstall...did that include a format? Because if he did a 
format, it is likely all gone. Traces of old files could be recovered by 
forensics tools.

 From what I gather online, Intel software RAID in Linux needs to be 
rebuilt by command line. It won't automatically rebuild as it does in 
Windows. Unless the distros have been adding rebuild scripts to boot 
since 2011.

I can't seem to find the right commands to run for a RAID-5 rebuild in 
Linux. They must be out there somewhere.
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