[lug] Interesting talk by Vint Cerf

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 17:09:45 MST 2015

It is interesting because if is a summary of what Vint Cert (the
father of the internet, in a sense), is saying in that talk.
I guess hearing him live would have been more interesting than a
"random" summary on the web, but short of that....
I haven't heard the talk, so it's pointless for me to make the
summary-of-the-summary, but I'll write that I agree with him.

Moreover, I personally think (digressing a little bit) that today's
world is becoming too much computer- and internet- dependent and we
should go back to "real life" instead, when possible (instead of
trying to put on the internet even the lightbulbs and curtains). The
other day I had a conversation with a guy who was very excited to buy
the latest 12TB HD for his mac, so he could load his whole collections
of DVD into it and be able to watch the movies without having to look
into his bookshelf for the "right" disk, and loading it into the
reader. He went on describing the process he needed to do with the
encryption, change of format and uploading to his iTune (??) account.
Even without going into proprietary lock-in (or the fact that I don't
watch movies anymore), I told him that the whole process seemed like a
waste of time and money to me, because I enjoy browsing my bookshelves
instead of browsing the internet (or the HD or -worse- the iTune
account), possibly in good company and with a glass of wine in my
hand. It becomes a fun, social, activity, as opposed to a tech fight
with the latest fad. But maybe I'm simply getting older (this guy is
much older than me, by the way).


On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 4:42 PM, David L. Anselmi <anselmi at anselmi.us> wrote:
> Davide Del Vento wrote:
>> http://eandt.theiet.org/news/2015/feb/vint-cerf-digital-data.cfm
> Why is this interesting?  I care more about what people on this list think
> than what someone put on a web page.  The Internet is full of that.
> Or does it just download a virus and this was sent by people who cracked
> your gmail account? :-)
> Dave
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