[lug] Interesting talk by Vint Cerf

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Fri Feb 13 18:42:21 MST 2015

Davide, you can watch the interview here:


I think what he says is interesting so that makes two of us. :)

My mind immediate thought was of Docker when he mentioned saving the
operating system with the digital artifact. Imagine every jpg being stored
in its own Docker container.

It is funny that Vint mentions Photoshop as the editing tool and not
Google+/Picasa. He needs to get with the program.

Personally, I think this interview is much more relevant (and funny):


Why does Vint think he's any better about predicting the future now than in
1973? I don't think we'll need digital vellum, because all data will be
available everywhere. Consider this list:


Who would have thought there would be an emulator written in Javascript for
the Apple ][ or this:


One could say this was a waste of someone's time, or it could have been
someone's idea of a fun evening (or two).

I don't feel internet dependent. Rather, I feel internet-empowered.
Digressing further... I just had to deal with a used car salesperson to
value my car, which was greatly enhanced by the internet. The sales guy
used his phone to scan my VIN, and he knew I was telling the truth about
accidents and service record. I could then verify his statements by looking
for prices and discussions about my car. He told me what I could get on
Craigslist (and how to go about it), and I could verify that as well. It
was a much more pleasant in person experience than when my parents were
looking at buying me a used car back in the day.

TGIF. Time to go get a glass of wine and browse Amazon Instant Video. :)

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