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Joseph Mills josephjamesmills at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 22:41:28 MDT 2015

Hello there I would like to say hi to everyone,  I am Joseph and I just
moved out here from up state NY.  I am a linux sysadmin that works for a
opensource company out of Erie. But I live in Denver. Love Colorado So far.
  Spend most of my time hacking on some projects that I have been working
on for a while.
Some gnu/linux related things that I am into,

   - C++, Qt, Go, Py, Perl, C, and well just about all programming is fun
   for me. . . well not all asp.net , ColdFusion . . . .
   - Puppet Chef
   - juji juji
   - armhf arm64
   - linux cgroups
   - systemd, systemv,upstart ect
   - LXC, Docker,LXD
   - Maintaining package's and repo's for debian and ubuntu debs.
   - Taking bash output and making bootstrap web pages out of it.
   - Making ridiculous applications. You know, Like taking Chuck Norris
   jokes and making them into RMS jokes like this,


Again just wanted to say hi,  Looking forward to a meeting.  Going to scan
the website some more.  If anyone can offer Tips about living in Colorado
that would be just swell (good places to eat. hacker labs ect)

Joseph Mills
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