[lug] Building from Source on Debian

Joseph Mills josephjamesmills at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 21:42:30 MDT 2015

Hey there Jed,

I can not tell you what is right and what is wrong to do with debian but
this is what I do,

*Debian Style*

I have a daily builder that uses wannabuild , buildd , reprepro and various
other things.  (I highly suggest in LXC with portforwarding for apache)


I only use my own repo and my own packages for packages that are in the
debian's repo's.

If I have some application that is installed on my machine and it is
missing some functionality and I can fix it.  I try to fix it and push it
back upstream.  to debian mentors


Now if they reject my package for some reason and I use it then most the
time I make diff patch's  and then use them to fix things and or add the
package to my repo with a high number (which is never a good idea)

For applications that are are not in main contrib or non-free that I do not
want to give away or can not,  Then they go into the local repo.

As I am sure that you know that Ubuntu uses launchpad to build all there
packages.  I have played with making my own repo's on there servers and
using dput to do the trick.  I have also tried to install  LaunchPad a
couple of times built could never get it to work fully


Though launchpad is great to use and some great software it is kinda tricky
in my experiences.

Note that not all debian packages are make there are a lot of other things
, cmake ninja , qmake ect,

some other links that are great for making debian packages





I know I'll need -dev versions of all the libraries, build environment,
> etc.

I use build-deps

apt-get build-deps <packagename>

or look at the d/control file

So is it worth the time to do any of this ?

for me it depends on what it is for.

Joseph Mills

On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 8:14 PM, Jed S. Baer <blug at jbaer.cotse.net> wrote:

> Hi Folks.
> Okay, I'm being a little lazy here - I can do some web research and find
> all this out. Well, maybe there are some tips/hints/kinks, and highly
> recommended web guides someone could point me at.
> Problem is, I made what turned out to be an ill-fated decision to go with
> Mint/Debian, thinking that a rolling-release distro would be a good
> thing. Well, apart from the fact that they aren't doing updates, I'm
> discovering various other problems. Don't need to go into details, just
> that I'm finding things I need to have be different.
> Current issue is that Audacity is compiled without ffmpeg support. Bleh.
> So, until I decide what other distro to switch to, I'm going to take the
> plunge and run a Frankenstein system with things built from source. I
> used to do this, waaaay waaaay back, in RH and/or Fedora. For example, I
> was building Gnome from nightly CVS.
> I know I'll need -dev versions of all the libraries, build environment,
> etc.
> I'm thinking I should be able to get the -src packages, cd to where they
> unpack, and use the usual make incantations. Probably should --prefix
> to /usr/local so I don't create any odd conflicts, though I also think
> that as long as I'm pulling from the repositories for my distro, I
> shouldn't have any trouble with putting things where they'd end up
> installing from binary packages.
> Will there be any advantage to going the extra mile to make my own .deb
> packages? I know that should I ever want to remove the software, that'll
> make it easier. But I don't see that as something I'll be wanting to do,
> since the packages I want to build are things I use frequently.
> jed
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