[lug] Mac package managers?

Jeffrey S. Haemer jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 12:34:54 MDT 2015


My world has long been Linux, with some ChromeOS thrown in lately for

For a variety of reasons, I need to supplement this, by buying a Mac. I'd
like advice on Mac package managers, of which there seems to be a plethora.

This may be a "vi or emacs?", holy-war question, so I'm a little nervous
about asking. :-)

My general impression, after googling, is that if Macports is Coors, then
Homebrew is Fat Tire, Fink is PBR, and everything else is niche,
package-management microbrews.

My inclination, today, would be to go with Homebrew because it's supposed
to be "git-based," but I'm not even sure what that means, yet.

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