[lug] Google Project Fi options - options for using numbers from landline and mobile?

Jeffrey S. Haemer jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 10:54:40 MDT 2015


> > In my world, it's been years since I've had a landline. [...]

>  But it does offer a real world example of how using WIFI for audio calls
> can easily be superior to traditional landlines

If you haven't had a landline, how would you know? :-) You probably meant
to say "than traditional cell-phone calls," which I sooo believe.

Google Voice transcribes my phone messages and emails them to me. I can
reliably tell the difference between its transcripts of messages coming
from landlines, which are transcribed nearly perfectly, and its transcripts
of messages from cell phones, which are always humorous, though often
undecipherable, though I rarely have any trouble understanding the messages

Guess which of these is from a cell:

- "Hi up at 11:25 which gets disabled Miss apartment right at 12:07. You
then bye?"
- "Hey Jeff, It's your sister returning your call. Just checking in. I'll
talk to you later, bye."

I've tried, off and on, to interest someone in the idea of turning this
observation into an automated measure of voice quality: Make some "hello,
world" scripts, play them at phones, and just count how many errors there
are in the transcripts. No one's interested because the measures everyone
uses are expensive and tedious, but they're standardized.

Ah well. Someday, it'll be useful for something. As Pasteur said, "Chance
favors the prepared mind." Of course, when he said it, it sounded cooler
because he said it in French.

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