[lug] network/wireless admin volunteer opportunity this week: .5 to 1 hour

Walter Pienciak wpiencia at thunderdome.ieee.org
Tue Sep 1 07:44:42 MDT 2015


So, if you're an experienced network or wireless admin, I could
use your help.    It should be interesting, and you'll get some

I'm coordinating review of some on-line training modules aimed
at wireless network setup and/or admin.  Pretty basic stuff.  The
tools, where mentioned in a module, are definitely Linux-centric.

The project is a partnership between the IEEE and a very well
known Internet organization, and the material will be used
globally in a humanitarian way.

I've had a couple nonlocal volunteers flake out, and I could use
a couple sets of eyes.  Reading and clicking through a module
should take a half-hour to hour at most, and you'd be looking for
errors (for example, switched images, misstatements of fact).
You can do one module or more; your choice.

You'll get some recognition for participating in the technical
review.  The project will be public, and this should be a decent
addition to a resume, and also a way to get some visibility with
your management if desired.

If you're willing to help, and you have the time this week, send
me an e-mail to w.pienciak at ieee.org.


Walter Pienciak
Senior Manager, Strategic Programs, IEEE Standards Association

w.pienciak at ieee.org
+1 303 527 0934

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