[lug] GitHub+Yubico, FIDO U2F token discount

Richard Johnson rdump at river.com
Sun Oct 4 12:17:31 MDT 2015

If you participate in open source projects that use GitHub, or you're even a 
bit of a crypto geek, this is a cool opportunity for an inexpensive but quite 
durable [1] hardware 2nd factor.


GitHub has announced they're supporting FIDO U2F as a 2nd factor on logins to 
their web service. It's working now via recent versions of Chromium/Chrome 
only, but Mozilla has an open feature issue for adding support.

Even better, they have a serious discount ($5+$5 shipping) on Yubico's 
otherwise $18 FIDO U2F-only USB tokens (complete with OctoCat logo so you can 
tell them apart ;) ). They'll be usable on GitHub and increasingly widely beyond.

While I'm still wanting a fully open source s/w + h/w implementation of FIDO 
U2F on a secure base (Nitrokey, eventually?), this will do for now. $5 is in 
"might as well get some to experiment with" range for me.


[1] I once found a lost basic Yubikey after it had spent 3 weeks freezing 
every night in a puddle of muddy snowmelt. It still works fine. These Yubico 
FIDO U2F models have the same construction.

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