[lug] fall cleaning

Glenn English ghe at slsware.net
Tue Nov 3 17:51:58 MST 2015

I'm 72 years old, and I'm doing a little fall cleaning gettingRidOf. I have a lot of things I can't/don't want to use anymore. I'm trying some fellow Linux folk first because a lot of the things I'm getting rid of is computer stuff, and anybody using Linux is a worthwhile parson :-)

Oh. And I'm in Longmont. When I moved here, it was the closest place to Boulder in Longmont. Still easy to get to.


Computers (most running Linux -- Debian Wheezy, I think. If not, a Debian install CD can be included.)
A first release OLPC (remember that project -- OneLaptopPerChild?)
Computer accessories (keyboards, a tape drive with tapes, a dot matrix printer, a CD/DVD drive...)
Tools (mostly woodworking, but some drills and electronic tools and such)
A garbage can of wood scraps (some cherry, some oak, some plain old wood)
Books (a whole lot of last version books, some from when I was learning IP, and some Tom Clancy types)
Fishing gear, camping gear

Some of them are fine, some need a little fixUp. Some quite a bit.

All free as in beer (some of the books are copyright, though). A more detailed list is available on request, and you get to take one or more whole items/boxes/etc. (my packing). No cherry picking allowed.

Glenn English

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