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Glenn English ghe at slsware.net
Wed Nov 4 01:31:12 MST 2015

On Nov 4, 2015, at 1:18 AM, Bruce Long <qstream at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Glenn, I collect old technology. I'd love to stop by if you have any items left.

You're the first about the computer stuff. The PS/2 keyboards, the dot matrix printer, and the OLPC might be of interest to you. Maybe the tape drive too.

I'll be out tomorrow, but I'll be around for several days after that. Let me know when you'd like to come out.

Directions from Boulder:

3646 Oakwood Drive, Longmont.

Last time I looked, Google maps couldn't find me. Lots of car GPS systems can get pretty close, though.

It's not like houses along a street; I'm in a townhouse complex, so the address is more like a unit number:

Take Diagonal to Airport in Longmont.
Go left (north) on Airport to Nelson Road.
Go right (east) on Nelson to Barberry (about half a block)
Turn right onto Barberry
On Barberry, turn left at the first chance you get (townhouse driveway, 1/4 block).
The townhouse at the end of that driveway is 3644, my next door neighbor.
3646 is the second unit on the right, behind the mailboxes -- river rocks (and leaves) in the yard.

Phone: 720-494-8250 if you get lost...

I'll need an ETA; if I'm downstairs with the servers, I can't hear the doorbell over the fans.

Glenn English

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