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nimbus nimbus nimbus at inbox.com
Fri Nov 13 22:40:06 MST 2015

> On 11/13/2015 10:41 AM, nimbus nimbus wrote:
>> here's the rub though.  if i click on the message to download the
>> message body to the itouch, my thought is that it is a permanent
>> download and should / will always be there.   but it often never works
>> this way.
> Mobile devices are all like that. They have very limited storage and
> they also tend to assume they always have a network. So they don't store
> mail and web page tabs for very long.
> I don't know about iOS apps but I know there are some Android mail apps
> that give you more options. I think K9 Mail for example lets you cache
> up to 500 messages. So maybe look around for alternative iOS mail apps.
> If Apple allows those to exist.

wow i didn't realize this was the case.  part of me gets it but part of me doesn't.  storage space isn't so much an issue these days on a lot of the devices.  perhaps memory more so.

thanks for the suggestion to try some different apps.  it's hard to get hits on this kind of thing in searches though.  

perhaps i should look at some of these note taking apps that might organize this stuff a bit better vs using email.  

if anybody has recommendations please share them.  i'm not really interested in the cloud features of these apps though i know in order to get the notes on to other devices i'll need them.  what i'm most interested in is a simple way to save pages offline to my device so they're always there.   i'd add one more condition.  i'd prefer they get saved as text or html vs pdfs for a whole bunch of reasons mostly in that they are easier to read on the device as the text flows and resizes easily!


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