[lug] New Fedora 23 Install Quirks

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Mon Nov 16 20:31:00 MST 2015

> Thats a pretty odd failure there. ;( 
>You could try blacklisting the various usb modules on the f19 kernel>boot line and see if that gets it booting?
>Also, have you tried a cold boot? ie, power off, power on and boot f19>entry directly. That would rule out the other OSes possibly leaving the>usb in a weird state that persists thru a warm boot?
I've definitely tried reboot many times, warm from both windows 7 and fedora 23, as well as cold from complete hardware off. I think the USB is not really the issue, but this is where the console stops...kind of wish I had a serial console set up (this would have had to have been set up prior to failure, something I can't add now). One of the testing issues is that my keyboard uses USB, so I'd have to select the correct boot entry to old F19 and yank the keyboard and all USB devices if I avoid testing via USB complete blacklist...but it seems all USB devices are at issue. Only thing is they all work normally and without change if booted to windows 7 or the new F23.
I did manage to compare what the kernel command line should be via the F23 grub.cfg, and it is exactly equal to the F19 kernel options. So at least in that grub menu nothing changed there.
I'm thinking of reading some of the docs on sysrq, since this was originally enabled...maybe I can figure out how to dump what it thinks is the kernel command line and somewhere else find some log of what kernel command line used to be as a comparison...it's possible something in the new grub differs due to something else during boot inserting to the kernel command line options outside of the grub file.
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