[lug] Using dnf to Control Fedora Kernel Upgrade Cycle

stimits at comcast.net stimits at comcast.net
Wed Nov 25 15:07:56 MST 2015

It looks like Fedora follows a pattern with its kernel upgrades whereby up to three old kernels pushed down the stack of grub boot options each time a new kernel is installed...so there seems to always be the newest kernel plus the prior three. The most recent kernel has these rpm packages:
However, I've had problems with this newest 4.2.6-300 kernel version, while all of the prior versions worked great. If I wanted to make sure the slightly older 4.2.5-300 is always left in place, regardless of how many future kernel upgrades there are (including grub menu), would I be able to do this with a dnf config file?
For 4.2.6-300, which does not work, blacklisting modules is easy...but I really want to blacklist all of the 4.2.6-300 rpm upgrades...is this also something which dnf can be configured for without a lot of issues?
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