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It isn't available on Fedora 23. From what I can tell, the last package was Fedora 21, and then the software was orphaned.

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Once software is almost perfect, why update it?
I've used Mumble on Windows and it works great.

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I've been looking at free voice chat applications to run on Fedora 23 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I came upon one called mumble (the client, server named murmur), which seemed to have a lot of nice features...especially multi-person with echo cancellation. The docs say it was designed for gamers, and the environment I'm thinking of would have some similarities. The last Fedora version it was available for is F21, and seems to now be orphaned.


Poking around for alternatives, I see what looks to be a nice VoIP server, called "sipwitch". I'm not quite sure what client could be used with this, nor if this would work with groups of people like a conference call. Much of what I see is support for this in the form of libraries used for people to write their own VoIP programs.


So does anyone here have any opinions on voice chat software for linux? If so, does it play well with groups? Does it use a centralized server which can be run free on linux, or is it ad hoc?



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