[lug] MIDI Keyboard for Linux

Jed S. Baer blug at jbaer.cotse.net
Sat Dec 26 09:33:49 MST 2015

Hi Folks.

Idly pondering picking up a small MIDI keyboard controller. I can't call
myself a musician, as such, so I'm not looking for something like a Nord
Clavia. But, on rare occasions, I get the urge to play around. I
discovered, yesterday, that using an on-screen keyboard (vmpk) was nuts.

Just looking around, I note products such as the Alesis V25 can be had
quite cheaply.
It gets mixed reviews, but I'm not sure the issues raised will matter to

Right now, there's a nice price on the Arturia Minilab too, and I suspect
it's a better piece of gear. But I'm reading comments about needing a
"USB License key". Ruh-roh - not Linux compatible?

Akai and M-Audio have cheap stuff too.

I will have to do some looking about for Linux compatibility issues, but
I figured I'd see what recommendations / advice anyone here might have.


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