[lug] Systemd vs Docker, and runC, containerd, snappy etc

Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Fri May 13 11:02:44 MDT 2016

To up the ante....

"Oh, and I want to manage these in a cluster."  So throw in Mesos or Yarn or ....

Over a year ago I just tried to just get Spark running in Docker, and the networking issues were hairy!

Easier now, I think.  But yeah - so many edge cases in virtual environments....

Neal McBurnett                 http://neal.mcburnett.org/

On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 07:57:43AM -0600, Rob Nagler wrote:
> Thanks for the LWN link. It made me laugh.
> I've been struggling with many of the same issues. Throw in a CM tool along with the actual applications, and well, you've got a
> right fine mess on your hands. 
> The biggest problem for me is that the layers of APIs coming from different organizations/projects/philosophies makes debugging
> impedance mismatches extremely complicated. Once you've figured out which debug flags to turn on and which log files to look into,
> you might find an appropriate message, but for the impedance mismatches, it's usually insufficient or misleading. I've spent a lot
> of time looking at and instrumenting code to try to figure out where to apply the necessary shim and/or fix.
> If you want to see how we're evo-solving our problems of container builds, deployment, and CM visit:
> https://github.com/radiasoft/containers - combined docker/vagrant builds
> https://github.com/radiasoft/download - curl installer automation
> https://github.com/biviosoftware/salt-conf - salt configuration based on pillar.stack
> Your feedback on these efforts would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Rob

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