[lug] Disable Autoconf Version Check?

stimits at comcast.net stimits at comcast.net
Fri Jul 1 22:24:29 MDT 2016

It just says my version of make is too old. It wants something like 3.7 minimum, but I'm using 4.0...it's mistakenly thinking 4.0 is old when it is really too new.
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On 7/1/2016 6:32 PM, stimits at comcast.net wrote:> Hi,> I'm using Fedora 23 with everything updated, which means "make" is > currently version 4.0. However, I must compile some older glibc (2.17, > when make was version 3.something) for a foreign architecture (armhf > and aarch64), and find myself scratching my head at where the > configure script is determining my version of make is too old. There > is a configure.in with AC_CHECK_PROG_VER, which I have modified trying > to get it to accept the much newer version 4.0. My changes are either > wrong, or ignored, and configuration always fails with "make" missing > or too old.>

autoconf dumps a ton of information into log files, which should tell you why your version check isn't working.

Also, after you updated the configure.in did you regenerate the configure script? Just double check the simple things...

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