[lug] USB to Serial Converter recommendation

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This all depend on which serial port interface you are going to. Is this to a 9-pin D-Sub connector? Or to 3.3V TTL logic levels?
I tend to stick with anything with an FTDI chipset in it. These pretty much have drivers without any required setup on most platforms. Here's one I use for DB-9:
Here's one I use with 3.3V TTL (incidentally, this is also available for other voltages):
I also have a couple of them that have a clear plastic housing at the USB side so they can add LED indicators of TX/RX activity. These seem to be powered by the remote device, while the one without LEDs is powered by the USB bus. If you are using battery powered devices this may matter to you. Either way the order of powering these up could get in the way and require restarting either the device or the host would need the USB unplugged/replugged. The ones which are USB powered tend to be less of a fuss, but even the ones with LED are rarely a problem when they have an FTDI chipset.
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Does anybody have a recommended brand of USB to RS-232 Serial consoleconverter cables?

Or, just as important, any brands that should be avoided?

At one meeting a couple of years ago -- it was either BLUG or DevOps-- the folks at Applied Trust mentioned that they had preferred brand,but I can't remember what it was.

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