[lug] Mystery Disk Use, Fedora 23

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Fri Sep 23 21:06:02 MDT 2016

I was planning on trying to make a RAID1 setup and then cover it with LVM, but I only got as far as creating the RAID1 setup (it isn't mounted, but I can verify I can format it or mount it, so on). Before I created the RAID1 on two new disks there was nothing strange. After I created this, I can see constant hard drive activity, it never ends. It isn't updatedb, it isn't fsck. I don't know how to remove my "/dev/md0" now that I've created it, but I know I can't leave this constant hard drive access churning away, it worries me (and I don't know which drive it is...I have many).
Is there something like top, but for watching disk I/O? I see nothing using significant CPU, and I've tried fuser on any partition's device special file which is not supposed to be mounted, and see nothing. What is a good tool to find out what's is consuming disk activity? What is a good way to remove a RAID1 device (there is no "/etc/mdadm.conf" and "/dev/md0" persists across boots).
Also, I rarely use GUI tools, but I haven't worked with setting up RAID and LVM in a very long time. I see references to "system-config-lvm", but apparently this is no longer available in Fedora 23. Is there some other recommended tool?
Any suggestions on removing "/dev/md0" other than yanking the drive cables while powered down?
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