[lug] RAID1 Versus Mirrored LVM (Fedora 23)

stimits at comcast.net stimits at comcast.net
Sat Sep 24 09:09:24 MDT 2016

It's becoming more obvious that I need to dig into details of LVM and RAID. I had originally started out with the intent to produce a mirrored RAID1 on two new disks, and then use that with LVM to divide up the content between "/home" and "/var/www". None of those mount points require booting to them, so this partially simplifies things.
Until recently I wasn't even aware that LVM itself can have physical volumes combined into mirrored logical volumes in the same way as RAID1 does. So now I'm wondering if it would be wise to remove the RAID1+LVM design and instead just use LVM with mirroring of two ordinary disk drives. Is there anything special about reliability or performance...or anything else...which would influence the choice of RAID1+LVM versus LVM-with-mirroring? Why would I pick one scheme over the other?
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