[lug] Migrating /home...rsync?

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Tue Sep 27 19:52:58 MDT 2016

I've been trying to copy over my home to a new RAID partition, but cannot seem to do so. I just want to clone an exact copy of /home to the temporary mount point of /mnt. When I use recursive diff to test if the two match, they do. When I look at file sizes, names, so on, they match. In no case does any version of "du" match, and I can't find the location of the byte size differences...perhaps it is counting directory sizes different between the original and RAID partitions due to meta data differences, but both are regular drives withe 512 byte block size. If I mount my RAID on /home and log in to my regular user, it becomes obvious right away that my desktop and settings are completely gone...yet I can't find anything different in the file copies.
This is my command which seems to come closest to a good copy of /home to /mnt (performed as root in text mode on Fedora 23):
rsync -avcrxXl --delete /home /mnt/home
The above command fails to back up the directory correctly, so is rsync not suitable for this? Should I use something different? Perhaps just a different rsync argument? Does anyone recommend something like a backup program instead?
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