[lug] Experience with System76

Brennen Bearnes bbearnes at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 17:25:47 MST 2016

This is probably like the 20th iteration of this message I've posted
somewhere or another.  I'll try to make this the last one.

My primary machine right now is a Galago Ultrapro, a model that looks
to have been discontinued for a bit.  Other folks I know use rebranded
machines from, I think, the same baseline manufacturer.

re: other distros, I'm running Debian Jessie at the moment without
substantial problems.  Occasionally it fails to sleep on closing the
lid and I wind up pulling a very hot laptop out of my bag.  Once in a
while it just turns off for no discernible reason.  These things also
happened under the System76-provided Ubuntu.  Battery life is bad, but
has actually improved quite a bit since I bought it, which I'm sure is
down to something in kernel or configuration that I am not smart &
motivated enough to have discovered yet.  Hardware-wise, internals are
really quite nice.  It's a respectable machine for running a pile of
VMs and compiling stuff on.  (This probably also has a lot to do with
bad battery life.)

The case and keyboard are in general super terrible, particularly for
a $1600+ laptop, although I'll give them credit for ease of
disassembly compared to other recent laptops I've tangled with.  The
one my SO uses is a much lower-end model but actually seems like a
better build, case and keyboard wise.  There's probably a bunch of
variation here within the product line, but if you are used to
ThinkPads or Apple hardware, you are unlikely to be thrilled.

I think at this point I'd buy a desktop system from them and expect
good value.  I'm unlikely to go for a laptop again because keyboard
quality is a bit of a dealbreaker and I feel sad about the most
expensive thing I own flexing in a stiff breeze as if made of

-- bpb

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