[lug] VMware & Xen documentation

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Wed Nov 30 19:16:10 MST 2016

On November 30, 2016 6:40:47 PM MST, Louis Krupp <louis.krupp at gmail.com> wrote:
>About a year ago, when I was looking for faster GNU Fortran compiler
>than I was getting with Linux on VirtualBox under Windows, I had what
>amounted to a Walter Mitty fantasy of installing a bare-metal
>like Xen on my home PC. It was going to be cool; I was going to get
>adequate if not awesome performance, and somehow there was going to be
>t-shirt involved.
>Before I realized that I was clueless and that I was better off just
>getting another PC and installing Linux, I downloaded and printed a
>pile of
>documentation on Xen and VMware. Some of it I had to pay for, most of
>it I
>didn't. Some of this stuff is out of date, some of it's badly written,
>bits are OK, and all of it is free to a good home.
>If you want it, let me know, and I'll meet you somewhere and hand it
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What is that saying? Every problem can be solved by adding another layer of indirection. Except for the problem of too much indirection.

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