[lug] CMS Recommendation?

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Tue Jan 10 15:42:58 MST 2017

> That is insanely cool, similar to OctoPress. I'm fairly certain that
> nobody else who's an active member in the club would be able to continue
> on with it, if I were to croak. I also need to keep the hosting at
> someplace pretty mainstream, with significant support staff, for the same
> reason. I'd really like to move off GoDaddy, but that's another step in
> the process.

Don't die. :)

You can host anywhere, of course, but the advantage to GitHub is that it'll
do everything for you. Markdown is not ridiculous, and you can add pages
directly in GitHub's GUI so you don't need a command line. You don't have
to maintain the Jekyll code, just write clean and simple markdown.

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