[lug] Free Equipment

George S. georges at mhsoftware.com
Thu Jan 12 17:36:00 MST 2017

I've got the following equipment I'm getting rid of. Whatever doesn't 
get taken is going to recycle.

$100 Raspberry PI/Linux NTP Server - See Craigslist Ad


The rest is free:

4 Port PS/2 KVM with cable sets
Epson PictureMate Photo Printer
NetGear WG602v4 WiFi AP - I also have some antennas that can be used. 
Large stick, and corner-mount horn.
LinkSys BEFSR Router
APC Smart UPS 620 - Needs new batteries ($50 or so)
Misc. Cards
     Multiple AGP Video Cards
     Adaptec 2940 SCSI Controller
     Adaptec 29160 SCSI Controller
     Misc. 10/100 NICs
     3COM Gigabit PCI-133 NIC
     ATI PCI Express Dual-Head DVI Output Card
     LSI 4 Port PCI-e SAS3041E RAID Controller
     Adaptec AAR-1220SA PCI-e 2 Port Software RAID Controller
     SuperMicro SAT2-MV8 PCI-133 8 Port HW RAID Controller
     3Ware 9550SX PCI-133 4 Port SATA RAID Contoller - Not the fastest, 
but super-reliable.

Misc. Hard Drives
     20GB Maxtor ATA
     60GB Maxtor ATA
     200GB Seagate ATA
     300GB Maxtor ATA
     160GB Seagate SATA
     200GB Seagate SATA
     200GB Seagate SATA
     250GB Seagate SATA
     320GB Seagate SATA

Celeron 500MHz Computer
     256MB RAM
     3 Network Cards
     12 GB HD
     DVD Player
     2 ea RS-232
     Parallel Port
     3.5" Floppy

I was using this as a router, but OpenSUSE dropped support for x86, so 
I've replaced it. It's dead reliable. If you're looking for something to 
be a router or NTP server, it's a great little box.

George S.
*MH Software, Inc.*
Voice: 303 438 9585
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